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Anıl Şallıel: Trust in Your Soul and Ear in Jazz

Saxophone player Anıl Şallıel was İrem Gökbudak’s guest this time on her ‘Bizim Cazcılar’ at NTV Radio. Anıl Şallıel talked about his latest album with his bother “Şallıel Bros Famire” and his previous album “Önder Focan & Şallel Bros Funkbook”, as well as his introduction story to music and his instrument and his journey in […]

Erdem Özkan: I Actually Tell a Story on the Stage

Erdem Özkan was İrem Gökbudak’s guest on her Bizim Cazcılar program for NTV Radio. Erdem Özkan got involved with music at a very early age. He graduated with another degree from the university but music didn’t stop pursuing him. Vocalist Erdem Özkan told his story on ‘Bizim Cazcılar’. “Our Kid Has a Good Ear!” Music […]

Sarp Maden: Jumping Headfirst Into Music

Jazz guitarist and composer Sarp Maden grew up in a family of musicians. He started his music career by playing rock. He bought his first guitar when he was in high school. He left his pursuit of a degree in psychology at Boğaziçi University saying “I only want to make music.” How did Sarp Maden […]

Being Onstage: Being in Heaven

Jazz pianist Kaan Bıyıkoğlu answered İrem Gökbudak’s questions for NTV Radio’s “Bizim Cazcılar” program. Kaan Bıyıkoğlu, one of the most important jazz pianists in Turkey, told his story during “Bizim Cazcılar”. Being onstage is like being in heaven according to him. You can listen to the pieces we played during the program from the link […]

An Anarchist in Music: İlham Gencer

İlham Gencer is 90+2 years old… He still continues to give concerts, and is busy as a bee. He contributes the condition of his voice to the fact that he has never smoked and adds; “Day to day because I gain experience, I control my breath. Some of my friends worked with teachers to control […]

”There is No Escape Once You Take That Poison”

Çağrı Sertel’s career in music started with the piano lessons he took when he was 12 years old, and he started writing his own music when he was in high school. He worked with Aydın Esen, Ricky Ford, Donovan Mixon, Cengiz Baysal, Can Kozlu and Selen Gülün while studying at Istanbul Bilgi University. Pianist, arranger, […]

I am not an Artist, I am a Waitress

Jazz pianist and vocalist Karsu told her story during NTV Radio’s “Bizim Cazcılar” program in her sweet Turkish. I was enchanted while listening to her story and achievements. I listened to all the pieces she announced one by one after the program. The folk songs took completely different shapes in her hands. I will shortly […]

Only Hülya Among You Can Make A Jazz Program!

“You cannot easily listen to another genre once you get into jazz music. Because jazz has such a rich harmonic structure that monophonic music starts feeling weak. But, for example, I like syncopated Turkish rhythms a lot. Jazz musicians use syncopated rhythms as well. These rhythms attract them, too.”  These words and what you are […]

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