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I Want to be A Part of Jazz

“The idea of what if isn’t a gain. We even tell this to our patients in therapy; that it isn’t very positive to start with ‘what if’s. Of course, I would have liked to start this at an earlier age, to take interest in jazz when I was younger and became a jazz musician as […]


If Only We Could Leave A Pleasant Sound… 

Jülide Özçelik actually got involved with music at a very early age, but wasn’t supported by her family. Because there were no musicians in her family and she had a rough time proving herself and explaining that she really wanted to do this. She got admitted into “Light Western Music” department of Müjdat Gezen Sanat […]

The Most Natural Music: Jazz

Esra Kayıkçı is a jazz vocalist. She can also play a variety of instruments. She started singing at a very early age, but studied archeology as her college major due to her interest in the field. She then turned her gaze upon music once more, because music ended up being indispensable for her. She won […]

Don’t Play The Same ‘You’ Two Days In A Row!

One of the most important jazz doyens in Turkey, Neşet Ruacan, was born in 1948 in Kadıköy, Istanbul. The jazz guitarist, who grew up and still lives in Moda, started playing the harmonica at a very early age. Then he got curious about their neighbour’s guitar and started taking guitar lessons when he was 10 […]

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