Anıl Şallıel is one of the most in-demand saxophone players in Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Anıl can regularly be found performing live and in the studios and is the first-call saxophonist for many of Turkey’s top artists in all styles of music from commercial pop to Jazz and Rock.

Anıl was born on 27 July 1993. His musical journey started at the age of eight with the support of his father Mümin Şallıel. He started performing professionally when he was 14. He was a part of Orhan Osman’s ‘Turkophony’ project alongside Dave Weckl. Anıl takes great pride in his ability to play in so many styles authentically without losing his musical personality. This has led to a phenomenal recording career appearing on over 800 albums plus numerous film soundtracks and jingles.

Anıl also leads his own project ‘What Da Funk’ and also worked with ÖnderFocan and his brother Batu Şallıel to release the recording “Funkbook” in 2016. With this group and various other artists he has performed at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival, Ankara Jazz Festival, Bursa Nilüfer Jazz Festival, Cyprus Mağosa Jazz Festival, Bozcaada Jazz Festival, Bodrum Jazz Festival and the Zeytinli Rock Festival plus many other festivals.

Among the many artists who have sought out his talents, the famous Italian guitarist Nicole Conte asked him to perform together during the 2012 International Jazz Day.
Today, he continues to accompany many of the biggest names in the Turkish Pop music scene.

In jazz and foreign music scene musicians (maestros) such as Aşkın Arsunan, Önder Focan, Aycan Teztel, Şenova Ülker, Volkan Öktem, Tuluğ Çırpan, Cenk Erdoğan, Volkan Hürsever, Tolga Bedir, Cahit Kutrafalı, Bilal Karaman, Cem Tuncer, Erhan Seçkin, Nicole Conte, Sebastinan Studnizky, Omae Lye Fook, Dave Weckl have contributed musicially a lot.

In 2016, he played Soprano saxophone and flute for the cabin music of Turkish Airlines. In 2017, he released the first studio album for his ‘What Da Funk’ project. In December 2018, lastly, Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros came together with 3 top Turkish rhythm section players and they released a new album entitled ‘Funkbook a la Turc’.

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