Barıştık Mı is a project by Turkish singer-songwriter and trumpet player Barış Demirel, influenced by the sounds of Turkey and predominantly the genres of rock, jazz, hip hop, and ambient that are close to the geography.

Barış enhances the connection between his trumpet and microphone using both analogue and digital equipment on stage and in his recorded music. His mellow vocals and innovative use of the loop pedal create his authentic yet effortless style, making him stand out amongst the contemporary jazz musicians and fusionists of his time.

Hailing from Istanbul, Barış initially started performing as “Göstembil Project” in 2011. This first initiative won 1st place in “Roxy Music Days” the same year and received a special prize. He then released O.Y.D.H.O.G.Y. (EP) in 2012 and his debut album T.E.A.R. in 2015.

Since his debut, Barış has been performing at many domestic and international festivals. He has featured on dozens of projects and collaborated with many musicians on stage and in a variety of records.

After long preparation, his second album “FAIL – PLAY” was released under Lin Records in October 2018. This record has been receiving a lot of praise nationally and internationally ever since its successful launch at Salon IKSV in October.