In 2004, Cem Tuncer came to grip with jazz. He took part mainly in jazz festivals as BETONE and TRIBASS which are both band projects. He released his own album Buddha’s Groove in 2009. He set up drum & bass guitar workshops in prominent universities of Turkey. He conducted a seminar at Bilkent University in 2013 at an organisation called ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) on “choice of types of trees and the factors affecting the sound”. He wrote columns in “Drum’n’Bass” magazine. In TRT, national public broadcaster of Turkey, he worked as a sound designer and art director in a documentary series entitled “The Sound of The City”. He composed numerous original songs for short films and documentaries. He still produces music for commercials and promotion films. In addition to all these, he performed in many album recordings of well-known musicians… Also, he is a recording engineer and producer and working with many musicians in London.

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