Erhan Seçkin was born in Ankara in 1977. He started his music career as a piano player when he was a kid as Seçkin’s mother was a great piano player. He started to study at Ankara Government Conservatory and had lessons from Philippe Garcia (Erik Truffaz’s Drummer). After studying with Garcia for two years, he started to work with Lecturer Hasim Yedican. He graduated from his university as the top student of his department in the year 1997.

Seçkin played with many of artists such as Steve Smith, Sean Richman, Aydın Esen, Emma Chaplin, Keisa Brown, Kerem Görsev, Genco Arı, Aşkın Arsunan, Atilla Şereftuğ, Ricci Benson, Sertab Erener, Ajda Pekkan, Sezen Aksu, Garo Mafyan, Atilla Özdemiroğlu…

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