Melisa was born in 1995, Istanbul. While she was very young, began her music career with baglama. In 2010, she won the high school department of Istanbul Technical University Conservatory (ITU). In the early years of high school, she met Kemane and then, developed herself on this instrument. After completing her high school education, she started undergraduate studies in 2014, progressing into the state Conservatory of Turkish music in ITU. She won her first prize in the “Kemane” category in the ‘Teke Region of Folk Instruments Contest 2016’ and took part in the ‘Music village of Fethiye’ amongst numerous other instrumental projects in the Anatolian music field. She had duo project with fretless guitar artist Gilad Weiss. She took Kamancha and Kemane lessons from Ferhan Yeprem, who is a lecturer in ITU. At the same time, she studied about Azeri and Iranian music techniques with Iranian master artist Arslan Hazreti. Furthermore, she wrote a Kamancha method with him. In addition, she was learned Lute training from master artist Mehmet Emin Bitmez. She participated in Nazim Cinar’s orchestral researching theatre musical ‘Gelin Tanis Olalim’ play for a while. She took apart in a project, which has different ethnic cultures and languages of music, which was called “Rezbar” group. She graduated from the University (ITU) with first degree in 2018. She received an ‘Intermediate’ level foreign language education in London Rose of York English Language School, England. She made her first single album, which called ‘The Origins’, with bass guitarist Cem Tuncer in London in 2019. She is also a Master student at Istanbul Technical University and, continuing to work on orchestral concerts with the “Turkmen Project” composed by Feryal Oney and Meral Akcay Band. Currently, she is continuing her music works in London.

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