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Workshop: Tolga Zafer Ozdemir / Tritonet – TURQUAZZ

Tolga Zafer Ozdemir / Tritonet Workshop

25th March / 19:30
SOAS, University of London, Brunei Gallery B104

Following on the idea of marrying music with geometry, mathematics and astronomy which has origins over 3000 years, Tolga Zafer Ozdemir will show use a wheel to create musical harmonies – the circle of fifths. He will demonstrate how  how to use it by performing with Tritonet, his derivative interpretation of Circle of Fifth

Reinventing the Musical Wheel, Circle of Fifths While Roman philosopher Martianus Capella was designing seven liberal arts in 5th century, he was inheriting an old knowledge of marrying Music with Geometry, Mathematics and Astronomy. This old knowledge finds its origin all the way back to 3000 years (even to Capella) old practice o Ancient Levantine civilisations. In the beginning of the 20th century, excavations in Mesopotamia has revealed cuneiform tablets with intricate number patterns. These patterns are not only symmetric in Geometry, Mathematics and possibly Astronomy, but also it forms Circle of Fifths, the musical wheel, a device for calculating harmony. I would like to make an hour long presentation about Circle of Fifths. Outline will follow the history, geometric features and pedagogical benefits. I also can demonstrate how to use it by performing with Tritonet, my electronic derivative interpretation of Circle of Fifths.

Özdemir’s curiosity for music started from an early age. He received his first composition and piano lessons from Faris Akarsu while already pursuing an undergraduate  in Business Management. Deciding to continue on music, he finished composition master with Fernando Benadon, Mark Wingate and İlhan Usmanbaş at MIAM – Istanbul Technical University. His curiosity led him towards his DMA, studying composition with Kamran İnce at the University of Memphis, USA.

Özdemir`s music has been performed in 6 continents. He is also honoured to have received awards for his compositions from USA, UK, Greece, Sweden and Turkey.

He extends his curiosity towards Algorithmic composition and further development of Tritonet, while occasionally have a chance to improvise with friends.

As a proud husband and father, he currently teaches music at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Music Department.

More Info: https://www.tolgazaferozdemir.com/center

SOAS, University of London, Brunei Gallery B104
Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0XG

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