Turquazz Anatolian Jazz & Roots Festival is a brand new and multidisciplinary arts festival in London, shining a light on Anatolian jazz and roots culture emanating from Turkey and its surrounding regions. Kicking off on March 13th and running till the end of the month at various venues around the capital, the festival is one of discovery boasting a packed programme of concerts, screenings, talks, dance, DJs and a pop up jazz-dining experience. Anatolian jazz without limits!

Turquazz is a trademark music and culture organisation aiming to introduce Anatolian Jazz all around the world, starting by London, by inviting emerging and established jazz musicians to well-known local jazz clubs in each city.

Turquazz London consists of six live performance concerts, three documentary screenings, two talks, one dance night, and one dj party in various venues, each offering a unique experience to their audience and participants.

We want to give life this project as it is some kind of Ikigai* to us: it brings together our professional experience (what we are good at), our interests (what we love to do), and our dream (help spread Anatolian Jazz music to the world) with an audience willing to hear new things and open to different experiences (what the world needs).

*Ikigai: The Japanese concept meaning “A Reason for Being”.